A location based advertisement tool

Tag1Tag is an advertisement tool that makes use of NFC tag to give out discount information. We will provide an app for users to scan our NFC tags, and then the users will receive discount from merchants. For example, the MTR company place discount machines where the locations are far away from the stations, and attract people to walk to the station to take trains. We take this idea and replace the machine with a NFC tag, which can apply to more industries and reach out to more users. The reason to use NFC instead of QR code is that the tag cannot be replicated.

Recycling organic solvents in Thailand

Organic solvents are the “blood” of the global manufacturing sectors. In the daily production processes, manufacturers use tons of organic solvents, such as ethylene glycol, toluene and xylene, particularly to clean the facilities used in paint and steel production and to act as a catalyst of chemical reactions involved in chemical and pharmaceuticals industries.