A Leader that I Want to Follow--is Ma Yun. Jack Ma

The leader that I want to follow is Ma Yun. Jack Ma is the founder and executive chairperson of Alibaba Group, which is now an e-commerce giant in China, worth about US$12.6 billion. The vision of Alibaba Group or Jack Ma is to build the future infrastructure of commerce: through providing different means and platforms, he hopes to make doing business easy and possible in anywhere.




Sir Richard Branson – A Good Leader That I Want To Follow

In an uncertain era, leadership is undoubtedly an essential to success. It has the ability to turn possibility into reality. Taking this course makes me realize the importance of leadership and enables me to learn a variety of leadership theories. To me, Sir Richard Branson is indeed a good leader that I want to follow.


Music has the power to create. It can revitalize waste and reinstate their hidden value. Music has the power to heal. It can sooth our emotions and help vulnerable groups. Music is a universal channel of communication. It can bring the society harmony and cohesion. 

Cibum Analytica

BFit Asia Ltd (“BFit”) is planning to first develop a nutrition analysis software (“the

Software”) based on a comprehensive food database which contains most of the Asian

food ingredients and dishes in Asia (“Food Database 1”), plus the unique cooking

method equations for nutrients. Food Database 1 and the unique cooking method

equation are the research results of the Chinese University of Hong Kong Food

Research Centre. Food Database 1 has been accumulated for over 10 years of


Our product is pre-cut "clean vegetables", which keep high quality and freshness. It's convenient to cook and also safe to eat directly as it's cleaned,disinfected and stored by professional technology.

Our products can help the restaurants to save the cost and follow the standard food process, and effectively reduce the preparing time for individual customers. And we use vendor machine to sell clean vegetables to our individual customers. It would be much more convenient to buy vegetables from vendor machine than to buy from the market.

Easy blue - Broadcast Without Boundary

Easyblue is a one-stop Bluetooth Broadcasting Solution Provider, which focuses on

broadcasting advertisement to cell phones in highly populated cities. Our company

targets to deliver our clients with effective and ingenious multimedia advertisement


Business Concept

According to ZenithOptimedia, each year the global spending on advertisement exceeds

US$420 billion. Most companies that rely on marketing and customer interests are highly

engaged in using advertisement to meet their sales target. To standout from others in this

3NET TV Tech. Ltd.

 3NETV Tech. Ltd. aims to be the top provider of convergent video services in China through its

innovative peculiar technology and product of owned intellectual property. This plan seeks to raise

US$2 million to produce the novel hardware product of 3NETVHost, fund website operation and

working capital and pay for R&D and marketing activities.

A Good Leader That I Want To Follow-Donald Trump

“You are fired.” A famous sentence that is spoken at the end of every episode of NBC reality show, 'The Apprentice', has created countless sadness. The patentee of it is a power-oriented business leader as well as a celebrity―Donald Trump. He is a successful businessman in the world. He was ranked fourteenth on the Forbes celebrity 100 list.

Caterpillar Travel

Seeing that underprivileged youngsters are deprived of their opportunities to shine and that Hong Kong often has its beauty, particularly in terms of its historical roots and cultural value, hidden from foreign visitors, Caterpillar Travel pioneers to provide a platform through which the future of these youngsters can be brightened and Hong Kong's latent beauty unveiled.   Caterpillar Travel aspires to CATER for our future PILLARS, thereby sustain the long-term robustness and prosperity of Hong Kong!