Considering the problem HK has low Income Household,Wealth gap.

Limited budget

 $40 token for a team of 4-5 for exchange of food

 Food served with different price

 Food include instant noodles, canned food, rice

 Cooking utensils are provided

 Cannot combine the budget with other teams


Reducing the textile wastage from the consumer side by empowering people and

fashion industry and creating fashion stylists through latest technology anytime,

anyplace on any mobile devices.

The team was firstly formed in the Google Empowering Young Entrepreneur Program

and successfully selected as one of the top final 20 startup teams, and got featured in

various media locally and internationally that showed the strong potential of the idea

of Green x Fashion. In October, ClothClip was invited to pitch at Slush Hong Kong and


Mindful Hong Kong targets at secondary school’s students in Hong Kong. There are nearly 500 secondary schools with approximately 400,000 secondary school students in Hong Kong. There is usually 1 social worker based in each school who dedicated themselves in partnering with teachers in creating a favorable environment for the students to growth. Looking after and taking care of the whole student population is never an easy job for the school-based social worker. 


We will invite professional art tutors to teach the disabled the skills of converting waste to art such that they can equip themselves with one special talent. To improve their living quality, we will hire the qualified disabled people to be our teaching assistants and tutors responsible for school tours and corporate projects. Moreover, they can work as freelance to utilize their skills to recreate more and more artwork. 

Experience Museum

Conflicts in the society are increasing by days. People are usually blaming the others and the society other than themselves when something goes wrong. But Why ? The reason is that there are lot of misunderstandings and contradictions among different stakeholders in the society especially for the minorities




OASES proposes the combination of rooftop gardening and remote control system. By re-­‐designing the planting experience and lowering the threshold of planting activities, we want to attract new comers to join this meaningful communication with the nature. We will provide self-­‐claimed planting boxes on the rooftop of industrial buildings. Through the delicate design of a new kind of planting experience and the social entrepreneurship ecology building, OASES tries to fulfill its social goals in an innovative way. We sincerely hope to:

愛 .無限



Biomass Briquette BBQ

It is about the production of biomass briquettes, which is a common practice in third world countries, like Mexico, Nepal and Philippine and it is promoted by Legacy Foundation1. In villages and rural areas, people make use of readily available waste materials, like leaves, grass, coffee, rice husk, and other agricultural waste. These raw materials are moistened and partially decomposed under black plastic for several days, then dried and pounded into small pieces. Then the material are soaked in slurry and pressed with a fuel briquette press into a cake with a center hole.