Service Learning, Leadership, and Service Leadership by Edmond Ko

Professor Edmond Ko was one of the academic initiators of the Service Leadership Initiative (SLI).  This article is his discussion, written in August 2011, of the interaction of service learning and service leadership and how they can be taught in post-secondary institutions in the context of SLI proposals anticipated to be forthcoming from the eight Hong Kong University Grants Council-funded institutions.  Edmond's untimely death in April 2012 was an irreplaceable loss for SLI.  This posting of his essay is a small reminder of his large contribution to engineering, education, service learning and service leadership in Hong Kong.  Please also visit tributes posted by HKUST and Carnegie Mellon, the university where he spent most of his career.

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This is my first time reading his article. From his writing, I can tell he was serious about the learning outcome of his students. Furthermore, he had spent the time understanding the differences between service leadership, leadership, and service learning. Through reading his article, I started to rethink my approach to the reflection paper that students submitted to me at the end of my course. Can I really tell whether the reflection is genuine? I should take Prof. Ko's suggestion seriously, spending enough time upfront to clarify the learning outcome and make sure it aligns well with the structure of the course. 

I'll let you know what the outcome is after I have tried out his suggestion.