OASES proposes the combination of rooftop gardening and remote control system. By re-­‐designing the planting experience and lowering the threshold of planting activities, we want to attract new comers to join this meaningful communication with the nature. We will provide self-­‐claimed planting boxes on the rooftop of industrial buildings. Through the delicate design of a new kind of planting experience and the social entrepreneurship ecology building, OASES tries to fulfill its social goals in an innovative way. We sincerely hope to:

•      Invite people to join the planting world;

•      Encourage people to share the joy from planting;

•      Make good use of building rooftop to create more “green” in the society. Besides the great beneficiary to the society, OASES is also potential in finance.

Given the growing market of urban planting, we expect that with an initial capital of HKD 500,000, OASES will achieve break-­‐even in Feb 2016 and generate the net asset of HKD 1,124,600 in Jul 2017. With the capital accumulated, OASES will be more eligible to fulfill its social objective.