Mindful Hong Kong targets at secondary school’s students in Hong Kong. There are nearly 500 secondary schools with approximately 400,000 secondary school students in Hong Kong. There is usually 1 social worker based in each school who dedicated themselves in partnering with teachers in creating a favorable environment for the students to growth. Looking after and taking care of the whole student population is never an easy job for the school-based social worker. 

Secondary school’ students encounter severe stress, which adversely affect their mental health. A survey done by Hong Kong Mental Health Association and City University’s School of Continuing Education revealed that almost half of the secondary school students suffer deficient mental health. 45.6% of the surveyed is not satisfactory. Stress mainly comes from parent’s expectation and academic pressure. It is suggested that government and school should provide more help to students to cope with their problem. Thus, targeting at secondary school students can help alleviating the existing problem and the feasibility of launching the business will be higher.